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My left foot

Current Passions

My bike, my pressure cooker, and my books.

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I Keep Buying Domain Names

I go through periods of boredom, or excitement, or something else that doesn't have a name. When I do this, I buy a domain name and then create content for it. Eventually (it actually doesn't take long),  I lose interest and move on. Or else I put up a single page, for no reason at all.

Important Things To Know

I have a rich fantasy life and I have somehow sold the fantasy to countless others, including my employer.

If the fonts on this page seem huge, it is because I code with old eyes. If you are offended by this, then buy your own domain name and get as tiny as you like.

People who like me forgive my intensity. People who don't like me are legion. They are comforted by the knowledge that I have a diagnosed mental illness and whisper about my medication-free life. Really they do. It's not paranoia. Nope.

If I sound vaguely like some chick with an unpronounceable last name who disappeared from St. Louis a long time ago, congratulations, you have a great memory.

About Noodles

I live in Red Deer, Alberta with two cats and a husband. They take turns being adorable. In the World of Noodles, Millie (aka Freckles) the cat is a baby snuggler at Red Deer Hospital, takes the number 5 bus three times a week to get there, and is the secret gawdohgawdmother for over 200 babies. Betty is her blond (well actually lilac pointed) sister by another mother.  She is a little, well, blond. The cat in my header picture is Blue. He went to Clown College, but retired on disability and died in May 2011. His companion was my sweet/mean/loved only by me Beanie. I had her for 22 years, before she died much too young. And yes, that really is my desk.

I have a son and a brother who enrich my life and a job I love with the passion of youth.  However, as you know, I'm old and my brain is full of noodles.